Winnipeg has had a great Fringe Festival since 1987, and we are proud to be a part of it this year by providing a brand new unique website called http://Fringe.Exchange

Share Your FringeI’ll bet you didn’t know that “.exchange” was a valid website extension, but now you know! It’s the perfect description of what’s going on here.

Fringe Exchange was conceived and developed right here at 100% Helpdesk. Using our expertise and knowledge in open source platforms and WordPress website development we put together a system that integrates the best things about the Internet in a way that helps everyone enjoy Fringe just a little bit more.

This project was originally the brainchild of our Helpdesk Manager Ryan Schultz, also a key figure behind White Rabbit Productions. This made the project even more fun.

http://Fringe.Exchange will be the central hub for patron reviews, critical reviews, show news and user interaction.  You will be able to plan your Fringe experience based on show comments by other fringers, and you can leave your own reviews and ratings to let your friends know. Share your own Fringe.Exchange reviews on your regular social media channels and let everyone know what’s up with this year’s performances!

The folks at Royal MTC and Winnipeg Fringe Festival have been great to work with and have been a big part of making this happen!

We would be happy to work with you on your website to make great things happen. Contact us any time.