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Not Our First Rodeo.

Since 2000, Scott Toderash and Brent Toderash (yes, brothers) have been working together as entrepreneurs in the technology sector with specialties in software development, technical architecture, and all aspects of telecommunications. Throughout their careers, they have been based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Prior to founding 100 Percent Helpdesk, they founded and built a company engaged in client/server software development for enterprise clients like Cancer Care Manitoba, the Provincial Government, and others. They were a subcontractor of choice for Sybase Inc. and remain highly-regarded by executives at the highest levels of the local IT community, where friendships remain to the present.

Starting as a dialup internet provider and website host, the company built a significant telecommunications operation. Hosting services grew to include high-availability requirements on dedicated servers for a number of clients. Moving into wireless communications under Scott and Brent’s direction, the company expanded into provision of broadband internet, eventually building a network that extended well into rural Manitoba and covered more than 10,000KM2, including licensed-spectrum carrier-grade equipment to support a great many internet and VOIP applications. Drawing on its depth and breadth of experience, the company developed its own in-house software system for integrated service provisioning, monitoring, helpdesk ticketing, billing, and CRM with GPS coordinates for geolocation and distance calculations.

In their broadband ISP endeavour, the company was not only the subject of a number of local media reports as well as a special report for CBC Radio One, but also the subject of a case study for Industry Canada on the successful deployment of rural broadband networks.

The company leveraged its experience and growth to became a provider to other smaller ISPs for internet gateway services, core network routing, and network design and build services.

After exiting this venture, Scott and Brent took a quick breather and then founded 100 Percent Helpdesk in 2012 to provide a fresh approach for end-to-end website hosting. Today, 100 Percent Helpdesk focuses on a managed-services approach to web hosting. With a depth of expertise in the telecom industry, the company is able to own, maintain, and manage its own network hardware, which is co-located in Winnipeg and maintains data-residence in Canada.

100 Percent Helpdesk operates as a virtual company, with staff operating from their own locations as suits them best. In keeping with an expert approach, we do not currently employ entry-level support staff, and are able to respond to informed requests from site developers without front-line gatekeeping that directs inquiries away from senior staff who can provide timely assistance.

The company is managed by Scott as president, with strategic direction provided by Brent and Scott together. The company’s growth strategy includes acquisition of existing blocks of clients from smaller hosts and web development agencies. Scott and Brent have been providing web hosting services for two decades. That’s a long time in internet years.

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