Who We Are

This is Our Team

There’s nothing so effective as a well-oiled, knowledgeable team. We’ve made sure ours has expertise in all the necessary technologies and has the experience to apply their technical knowledge to real-world business problems. Not only that, we’ve demonstrated an ability to work well together through multiple projects over time. In fact, the company principals, Scott and Brent Toderash, have worked together on various technical projects for

more than 23 years

now. We are an internet-focused company that can measure its experience in decades.

Scott Toderash

Scott Toderash has been owner and operator of ICT operations in Manitoba since 1998. Involved in launching no less than five independent ISP (Internet service provider) operations, this experience comes to 100% Helpdesk as a leading consultant to regional ISPs.

With software development experience beginning in the early 1990s and continuing on to present day as a technical architect for special projects, 100% Helpdesk benefits from the best in innovative software technologies.

As a business owner for

23 years

, and with extensive board experience through various organizations, this experience in business operations allow 100% Helpdesk to offer services that are well suited to small and mid-sized businesses in Manitoba.

Brent Toderash

Having been involved in small business and startup operations working in a business-to-business capacity for more than 20 years, Brent Toderash has been consulting on web and technology projects since 2000. As a big-picture thinker, strategist, and analyst, he has successfully directed many businesses and many individual projects toward achieving their goals, including managing the design and deployment of wide-area wireless networks for ISP operations as well as numerous web and creative projects. As an expert in deploying WordPress websites, he has presented on WordPress topics and helped numerous small businesses achieve their online goals.

In connection with various projects or articles, he has been interviewed by the Steinbach Carillon, The Interlake Spectator, The Stonewall Argus, The Selkirk Journal, ITBusiness.ca, The Ottawa Citizen, Wi-fiPlanet.com, Wireless Broadband Business Magazine, Decima Publishing’s Report on Wireless, and in the CWTA (Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association) Newsletter, as well as CHEX Television, the CTV Affiliate in Peterborough Ontario, and locally on CHVN Radio and CBC Radio One. He has also been interviewed at CodePoet.com and published on CIO.com.

Ryan Schultz

Ryan Schultz is an expert in multimedia technologies, with over a decade of experience in web, print and video design. Since coming on board Helpdesk, he has taken over management of all internal systems, and administers all front-facing client technologies.

The resident Multimedia Designer for White Rabbit Productions, he has spent the last 8 years building media for their productions, pulling double duty as the technical operator of all live events.

Ryan brings to 100% Helpdesk a deep understanding of web technologies, desktop computing, and a passion for devising technical strategies.