How Do I Get My Website Found On Search Engines?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is just making sure that when people search for something you are promoting, they find you.

That’s different than people finding you when they search for you. You want people to search for “widgets” and find your business, for example.

The first three steps of SEO are things you can start on by yourself for free.

How Do I Get My Business Onto Social Media?

“Social media” is a broad term, but it has come to be fairly well understood by example now. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Tumblr, SnapChat, InstaGram, Pinterest, Google+ … These are the most common ones at the moment. What they are from a business perspective are tools for interactive marketing. That is, you are not just posting a billboard for people to look at, but posting something that they can interact with. That interaction requires some commitment on your part as well, so be prepared before you start.

Data Residency – Does it Matter?

Data Residency is a subject that has become more popular over the past few years, but not everyone knows what it means yet, and not everyone agrees on its signficance.

“Data Residency” means where your data is physically stored. The rise of the cloud gave us the ability to store things anywhere on Earth (or elsewhere, theoretically), and then concerns began to rise about what country our sensitive data should be stored in.

Is it Safe For Me to Back Up to the Cloud?

backup-CloudShould you back up to the cloud?

It is probably safer than whatever else you are doing now.

Backups are the most neglected thing in IT. More people fail to back up their computers than the number who do. Backups are ignored more than any other single thing. It is hard to understand why someone would consciously choose not to back up, unless the task seems so difficult or complicated that it is just overwhelming.

Should I Buy A Mac or a PC?

macPCIt depends. It depends on what is going to make you more productive.

I get this question from time to time, and I always struggle to give a straight answer, for multiple reasons. I consider it a personal choice, and not a technical one. It would be like asking me what colour shirt to wear. One colour might be a better choice for you, but it is not totally up to me. And after all, I don’t use Mac or a Windows PC, I have had a Linux desktop for the past fifteen years.