Help! I lost my Apple device!

So you just bought yourself a fancy new Apple OS and/or iOS device – congratulations! May your Apple product serve you well for years to come.

But how are you protecting your investment? Sure, house and apartment insurance will see that your device is replaced in the event it is damaged in your home. But what happens when you forget that fancy new iPhone at the coffee shop? Or your Macbook gets stolen from your car? In a day and age where the data on our devices is so important, a simple replacement is sometimes not the best option. Apple has provided an answer to this dilemma.

Using Apple’s iCloud feature you can track the location of any Apple device that has been associated with your Apple ID, allowing you to lock and (if necessary) erase all data on the device remotely.findmyapple

Read Apple’s comprehensive walkthrough on how to enable the necessary services on your device to utilize this feature BEFORE it gets lost.

IMPORTANT: If you believe your device has been stolen, DO NOT attempt to retrieve it yourself. Alert the proper authorities and provide them with the location of your device.