Spend Your Time Working (Not Computing)

learningcomputers“I need to learn how to do this!”

I hear that a lot. Some of the time it’s true, but in most cases the correct translation should be something like this:

“I have no idea how this works and I need to make sure that lack of knowledge doesn’t make my business vulnerable.”

Think about it. I own a car and I am vulnerable to being stranded if it breaks down. However, I don’t worry about this problem. I could invest in learning more about repairing cars, and I could carry more tools and replacement parts with me when I drive. If I were driving across Nunavut that would be a good response.

In order to learn enough, you probably would have to learn more than you want to know. That’s how it is with me and cars. I know where all the operator controls are and how to use them. Vehicle maintenance is not my thing. If I wanted to have the ability to do what my mechanic does, it would require several years of training and there is no point to that.

We don’t plan our lives around vehicle emergencies unless we expect to end up in a place where there will be no-one to help us. Look at your computer the same way.

If you enjoy learning about computers, then you should certainly do so. However, even if you do, make sure that you don’t spend your work day fixing your computer, or you won’t get your work done.

I could teach you everything I know about computers, but that would be a career change for you. Hire a capable service provider to do preventative maintenance and to be on call for whenever you need urgent help.

Good computer maintenance plan will address your day to day needs, and provide you with all the necessary resources when you have problems, or when you want to take on special projects. 100% Helpdesk provides all of these necessary components: planning, maintenance, and support services.

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