Data Residency – Does it Matter?


Data Residency is a subject that has become more popular over the past few years, but not everyone knows what it means yet, and not everyone agrees on its signficance.

“Data Residency” means where your data is physically stored. The rise of the cloud gave us the ability to store things anywhere on Earth (or elsewhere, theoretically), and then concerns began to rise about what country our sensitive data should be stored in.

It’s Not About the Technology

logo_400x400Often, the organizations that benefit from good application of technology have some very non-technical goals. This was certainly the case with Fruit Share, a Manitoba based organization bent on saving fruit from waste to feed others.

In 2013, Fruit Share developed an online Harvest Management System (HMS) to seamlessly collect volunteer and fruit owner registrations, to efficiently coordinate fruit picks while allowing volunteers choice for location and fruit type and to further improve communications with both volunteers and fruit owners. Fruit Share is now able to share this HMS with other fruit rescuing communities.

Why Do I Get So Much Junk Email?

no-junk-mail-sign-resting-on-keyboard_0Junk email is the way of things. Advertising messages are the thing of the 21st century. There are suggestions that we see hundreds if not thousands of messages per day. I don’t know the actual number, but I read an interesting article trying to figure it out.

An interesting anecdote comes from Samuel Johnson, in 1759:
“Advertisements are now so numerous that they are very negligently perused, and it is therefore become necessary to gain attention by magnificence of promises, and by eloquence sometimes sublime and sometimes pathetic.”

Is it Safe For Me to Back Up to the Cloud?

backup-CloudShould you back up to the cloud?

It is probably safer than whatever else you are doing now.

Backups are the most neglected thing in IT. More people fail to back up their computers than the number who do. Backups are ignored more than any other single thing. It is hard to understand why someone would consciously choose not to back up, unless the task seems so difficult or complicated that it is just overwhelming.

Should I Buy A Blackberry?

BlackBerry-passport-in-hand-672x504This question is similar to “Should I buy a Mac or a PC,” which I discussed in an earlier article. The questions about corporate standards, compatibility, and user comfort all apply in this case as well.

You should lean toward the device that will make you most comfortable and productive, and is the easiest to use, providing that your corporate IT environment allows for you to make that choice.

Should I Buy A Mac or a PC?

macPCIt depends. It depends on what is going to make you more productive.

I get this question from time to time, and I always struggle to give a straight answer, for multiple reasons. I consider it a personal choice, and not a technical one. It would be like asking me what colour shirt to wear. One colour might be a better choice for you, but it is not totally up to me. And after all, I don’t use Mac or a Windows PC, I have had a Linux desktop for the past fifteen years.

What’s Your Hourly Rate?

This is a common question when someone first calls us for help.

It’s a simple question with an easy answer. And we do give the answer when people ask. However, the question misses the mark a little, and it is a signal that I will at some point need to go into education mode with this customer about what we do and how we do it. Our Hourly rate is more expensive than our monthly rate because our hourly rate does not keep you out of trouble.

Reliability, Durability, and Redundancy

Technology seems fragile in a lot of ways. When compared to other products that we buy, technology is infamously fragile. Imagine if you bought a car jack that sometimes didn’t work, and you had to twist it and wiggle it a certain way before it would start lifting your car. That sounds dangerous. In fact, lifting your car is the jack’s main purpose, so if it doesn’t do it well, maybe you should throw it out and buy a new one. Most of us would.

Technology in The South of France

Imagine if you wanted to keep up with all the happenings in the South of France, and you started reading whatever articles and journals you could find on the subject, and listened with interest every time you heard the subject mentioned in conversation.  Before long, you would be able to participate easily in conversations on the subject, right?

Now do you imagine that you might be an outsider in those conversations, not really knowing the subject first hand? If you moved to the South of France for a while, then maybe you could participate in those conversations all the better.  Maybe.