Data Residency – Does it Matter?


Data Residency is a subject that has become more popular over the past few years, but not everyone knows what it means yet, and not everyone agrees on its signficance.

“Data Residency” means where your data is physically stored. The rise of the cloud gave us the ability to store things anywhere on Earth (or elsewhere, theoretically), and then concerns began to rise about what country our sensitive data should be stored in.

I Don’t Like Facebook (You Don’t Need to Like Facebook)

fb“I don’t like Facebook.”

It’s ok. You don’t need to like it. Even if you don’t like it, you can use it as a tool to attract more customers. You might not like the ads you have to listen to on the radio, but you might run radio ads of your own anyway because they can help your business.

“My customers are not on Facebook.”

It’s Not About the Technology

logo_400x400Often, the organizations that benefit from good application of technology have some very non-technical goals. This was certainly the case with Fruit Share, a Manitoba based organization bent on saving fruit from waste to feed others.

In 2013, Fruit Share developed an online Harvest Management System (HMS) to seamlessly collect volunteer and fruit owner registrations, to efficiently coordinate fruit picks while allowing volunteers choice for location and fruit type and to further improve communications with both volunteers and fruit owners. Fruit Share is now able to share this HMS with other fruit rescuing communities.

Why Do I Get So Much Junk Email?

no-junk-mail-sign-resting-on-keyboard_0Junk email is the way of things. Advertising messages are the thing of the 21st century. There are suggestions that we see hundreds if not thousands of messages per day. I don’t know the actual number, but I read an interesting article trying to figure it out.

An interesting anecdote comes from Samuel Johnson, in 1759:
“Advertisements are now so numerous that they are very negligently perused, and it is therefore become necessary to gain attention by magnificence of promises, and by eloquence sometimes sublime and sometimes pathetic.”

Is it Safe For Me to Back Up to the Cloud?

backup-CloudShould you back up to the cloud?

It is probably safer than whatever else you are doing now.

Backups are the most neglected thing in IT. More people fail to back up their computers than the number who do. Backups are ignored more than any other single thing. It is hard to understand why someone would consciously choose not to back up, unless the task seems so difficult or complicated that it is just overwhelming.

The Great Conversation

The Internet has been an equalizer in the same way that the printing press was back in the 15th century.  It’s impossible to write history as it happens, though – one must wait and observe first.

Lately, it occurs to me that some big social events have happened on the Internet that teach us what it’s about: Cecil the Lion, Alison Parker’s and Adam Ward’s murders were captured on video, and Aylan Kurdi, a 3 year old Syrian boy had his image published across the Internet.  The journey here is nearly 600 years long.

From Lunch Meat to a Castle (or From SPAM to CASL)

SPAM VikingPersonally, I received a lot of emails in June telling me that I “had to” respond to people or risk losing contact with some parties with important information for me.  I was pretty overjoyed about that actually.

41 companies or individuals contacted me to ask for my express consent to be contacted electronically.  Of those I think I responded positively to 14 of them.  The methods for response varied, some were low tech and some high tech, but all were done by email or web interaction.  The requirements for express consent under Canada’s new CASL (Canadian Anti-SPAM Law) are fairly clear, and they can be found on the Government of Canada’s website.  (References are below.)

USA to Relinquish Control of Internet DNS

internet-3d-textA couple of weeks ago, the US Government’s NTIA announced they would relinquish coordinating control of Internet DNS to a to-be-formed non-governmental international body. Missed the announcement? I’m not surprised. As Byron Holland points out, most of the media coverage has been sensationalist politicizing of the event out of the USA, getting the facts wrong in the process. The actual press release states:

Computer Upgrades are Inevitable

If you’re still asking whether or not you need to upgrade from XP to something else, the answer is yes, unless you are about to give up technology for good.

Do you remember this?

Your choices

  • Windows 8 PC
  • Windows 7 PC if you manage to buy the license
  • Mac computer
  • Linux computer
  • Android
  • iOS (Apple) tablet
  • Smartphone or “phablet”

Why has WordPress Become so Popular?

wordpress_600_badgesIf you’ve looked at website content management systems, or CMSs at all in the past year, you’ll have seen people talking about WordPress and that fact that about 20% of websites now run WordPress — and if you only look at the web’s busiest sites, the percentage is actually higher. Of the 20% WordPress sites, about half are at and half are hosted elsewhere at a variety of web hosts, including here at 100%. Earlier this year, WordPress marked its 10th anniversary, but its popularity has really exploded in just the past four or five years. Having used and watched WordPress for all of this time, I can offer a number of thoughts about what has helped recently to make it gain such popularity with mainstream users. Here are five significant ones, in no particular order: