consultingPicStrategic planning for your company’s IT infrastructure is something that can be overwhelming if you are not already familiar with methods and technologies that are available.

100% Helpdesk is an IT company that can provide insight into current trends, future directions, best practices that help you manage not only your computers, but your investment in technologies that help you run your business.

We can help you make decisions about vendor selection, cloud platforms, software solutions, network connectivity, RFP writing, RFP response evaluations, or anything relating to your IT.  We can be the knowledgeable third party you need to help shed light on important decisions.

IT spending in the typical business can be between 3.5% to 8% of your total budget.  Having that business function professionally managed, or even vetted by a professional consultant is worth your while to ensure that the money you spend is spent wisely.

If you are a business owner with a speciality other than running an IT department, then you will find that we can take a few things off your plate and save you some headaches.

100% Helpdesk offers services to replace running your own IT department:

  • advice on running your local-area-network (LAN),
  • strategic IT planning,
  • preventative maintenance plans,
  • contingency (disaster recovery) planning services
  • “Virtual CTO” – ongoing IT management
  • IT policy writing, including privacy, social media, security

Bring in one of our consultants to discuss your future business plans, and how technology can support and even enable expansions and efficiencies.