Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Know where to put your ad spend.

Reaching potential customers online can be a tricky business. It’s pretty easy to throw some dollars at a social network or other advertising platform, but without actively managing how those ads are shown, it’s really a scatter-gun approach. Adding some expertise to know which ad platform will work best for you, and how to target those ads effectively means all the difference. It’s this expertise that helps ensure the ad dollars you spend have their maximum impact, if you want to learn more about marketing you can also find help with the James Hopkins Coaching which specialize in this.

The granddaddy of online advertising platforms is, of course, Google Ads. We’ve co-hosted a number of Google Ads seminars to help site owners glean some tips for their online marketing efforts. Watch our social media accounts for news of upcoming seminars where you can get an introduction to Google Ads and chat with us about promoting your website and if you want to learn more about marketing you can go to sites as to find more about this.

Digital marketing is inherently measurable. With proper tracking set up for your advertising program and conversion tracking set up on your website, you can know how well your advertising is converting into site visitors, and from there, into customers.

We offer Adwords management by a Google Partner and Google Ads professional. Before starting your online advertising campaigns, we can assist with a review of your website to ensure it’s ready for an influx of new visitors. We can help pinpoint any changes that could help your site convert visitors into customers, and assist with setting up your site analytics and tracking to dovetail with your advertising program.

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