Disaster Recovery

Hot key for helpIf disaster has already struck, or if you have an “IT Emergency”, then we can do repairs to get you back on track.

If you are not already on a managed services program, then these situations can come up at any time. Even if you already have another technician who has looked at it, we often find that we can solve problems in situations that seem hopeless.

The depth of experience in our team allows us to draw on team members who each have decades of experience in computer repair.  We have a can-do approach to every situation, and we find it very rare that we cannot work with any piece of technology we encounter.

Our team can assist with situations that might have you at your wits’ end:

  • damaged hard drive recovery
  • unbootable computers
  • un-recoverable servers
  • locked out hardware devices
  • undocumented systems
  • legacy systems
  • migration from unsupported to new systems

We can also discuss plans with you for future disaster recovery. ¬†Contingency planning is something that we offer as a “virtual CTO” service, allowing you to benefit from industry experience and best practices without having to have a large investment in creating your own IT department.

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