iStock_000013696007XSmallLet us talk tech to your customers! If you have customers who request technical support from you on your services or applications, let us take calls for you so that we can troubleshoot and solve all the basic or common problems customers have, and involve your staff whenever it becomes appropriate.

This service is ideal for website owners, regional ISP operators, and any business that offers a technology based product.

100% Helpdesk has experienced computer experts on staff who will talk to the customers and troubleshoot. We can do a lot more than take messages.

Any calls that require the company’s intervention or attention will be forwarded on after they have been qualified. This means that your internal staff only receives pre-screened questions, saving you time and money.

Contact us to discuss how we can help your company grow.

Company Representation

We answer the phone with your own custom greeting. If desired, you can insert your own recordings in the call flow to provide information specific to your customers.

Consumer Calling

We talk to your end customers, reducing the amount of in-house staff required for customer service. Appropriate calls are forwarded on to you only when necessary.

Product Specific

We know your product. Our initial task is to learn specifics about what you do so that we can help your customers. The level of depth is decided by you. We can do advanced troubleshooting, or only basic if you prefer.

Quality Tracking

All calls, emails, and other stream inquiries are logged in a ticket tracking system which you can access. Time spent, time elapsed, ticket counts can all be generated from the system. Our ticket tracking process ensures that no inquiries are ever lost in the shuffle.