network-100% Helpdesk has a speciality group serving ISP (Internet Service Provider) customers.  This same expertise is available to any business enterprise needing wide-area-networking (WAN) solutions.  If your organization operates from multiple sites, or has one large site, we can help design the best networking solution to provide a high performance network for your applications.

Our technical team has extensive experience in the internals of ISP operations as well as inter-ISP connectivity.  Our team members‘ profiles speak volumes about our experience.

100% Helpdesk has worked on projects with multiple regional ISP’s, including 

  • help desk organization and field technician support
  • remote device monitoring systems
  • BGP integrations with external peers
  • OSPF design and configurations
  • large scale DHCP optimizations
  • layer 2 and VLAN design
  • Internet Exchange (IX) implementation

100% Helpdesk can help you with network design for small office or inter-office communications, or large scale multi-site organizations.

We have designed and built networks using platforms including Cisco, Juniper, Huawei, Mikrotik, Linux, BSD, and others, incorporating advanced network protocols including OSPF, BGP, MPLS.

Our network designs have included fixed wireless solutions and fibre optic and copper networks.

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