ICYMI – Godzilla Proofing


Bad things happen without preventative maintenance.
Bad things happen without preventative maintenance.

Our recently published video features peace of mind, including peace of mind about Godzilla destroying your computers.  

Managed IT Services are important for any business, no matter what size.  Preventative maintenance plans can keep you out of all sorts of trouble, and ours come with a virus-free-guarantee.  Godzilla-proofing is still in beta, but you can enjoy the video here:

When is it time to cut the cord…err, cable?

Viewership ReasoningWe live in an age where our home entertainment options have become an endless landscape of possibility. Between Netflix, Hulu and Amazon there is a wide array of streaming options for less than $10/month. Add in popular devices like Apple TV and Roku, and you begin to see a real alternative to paying those often painful monthly cable bills. Sure, there may be one-time purchase fees, and premium streams like HBO GO and NHL GameCenter will cost you an extra penny, but the freedom and uninterrupted entertainment these services provide is enough to make the average (or less-than-average?) viewer rethink the cable TV paradigm.