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Attention Consultants!

Hosting Programs

We offer affiliate programs, reseller packages, white-label options and more.  These apply to website hosting, WordPress solutions, virtual machines, cloud services, and everything else we do.

Our team will do the back end work for you on the servers, and the front end customer support.  All of our services are available a-la-carte or combined.

Please contact us for a customized quote on providing the best possible solution for your clients.

Managed IT Service Programs

100% Helpdesk can provide IT Services for your clients.  If you need telephone answering, basic or advanced troubleshooting, trouble ticket management, or management of IT infrastructure for your clients, we can do this on a referral basis or on white-label basis.  Contact us to find out how we can best structure services for your clients.


100% Helpdesk may also be interested in acquiring your existing hosting or IT service customers.  We can work out what’s best in any situation.


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