Service and Repair

Service Concept on Green Puzzle Pieces.Computer repair is something we excel at.  The technicians working at 100% Helpdesk are all career IT people, and computer hobbyists at the same time.

To be an excellent computer technician, it is necessary to be innately knowledgeable about the inner workings of hardware, software, networking.  It is necessary to know about computer companies and how they relate to each other, to the business world and to the entertainment industry, and to the average consumer.  The instinctive desire for all this knowledge is what drives our technicians to know more, and to be better every day.  This is what makes our team great.  They have the right job.

Our team can assist with everything to do with your computer systems:

  • Computer upgrades or replacements
  • Hard drive and memory upgrades
  • Backup system recommendations and installations
  • Operating system upgrades
  • Software installation such as Microsoft Office
  • Software integration services working with custom software vendors
  • Virus removal and prevention
  • Computer speed optimization
  • Wi-Fi network troubleshooting and optimization
  • Network configurations and optimizations
  • Apple / Mac computers and servers
  • Windows computers and servers
  • Linux, UNIX, BSD computers and servers
  • Cisco networking equipment
  • Juniper networking equipment
  • Mikrotik networking equipment
  • Other networking vendors, including Huawei, Ubiquiti, Motorola, HP, and more

Going beyond repairs, our managed services programs give you the peace of mind to know that we are actively working to prevent emergencies. With a regularly scheduled maintenance program, our technician will perform routine maintenance, and monitor for errors, including non-critical errors that indicate potential future problems with your systems. By monitoring at this level, we are able to predict many failures before they happen.

Our customers who are on managed services programs don’t have to worry about emergencies that come up. We worry for you, leaving you with nothing but peace of mind.

To begin a program, contact us to start with a detailed report of your current environment.