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Our Managed Services plans are available on a low commitment basis, but come with a high reward.

The basis of managed services means that we learn your environment and keep records so that all of our staff can be familiar with your computers and the systems you use on them.  This way our team can help you most effectively.  We remain engaged on a regularly scheduled basis so that we keep in touch with everything that goes on in your environment.  By doing these two things, we can help prevent problems.

We specialize in dealing with small businesses, so our packages are flexible and are based on the way you currently use technology in your organization and on the way you would like to use technology in the future.  Our managed services plans start at just $95 per month.

The biggest benefit of being on a managed services plan is that we can ensure your systems are functioning normally at all times.  We never go longer than a month between visits (or sometimes remote “online” visits).  This allows us to check for early warning signs of hardware failure or software problems that might come up during normal computer use.

We also find that everyone who uses a computer comes up with questions on a regular basis. Keeping in touch helps us to keep you productive.  We are always only a phone call or email away but in addition, we always reach out to our customers who are on a managed services plan.

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