Plan your Business Infrastructure with us

Failing to plan is sound execution of a plan to fail.

Your Information Technology infrastructure should support what your business does, and more importantly, what you want it to do.

Business owners make decisions every day based on the vision they have for their company.  When doing so, they often do not have all of the information and insight that they could have in the areas that are outside their own speciality.  In large corporations, the trend is toward including a CIO (chief information officer) as a top level executive reporting to the CEO.

Very few small businesses not need or can afford a full time CIO.  However, you don’t have to be a fortune 500 company to work smart.  In fact, a small business can out-manoeuvre larger competitors if they take advantage of their strengths.

An experienced IT professional will not only answer questions about making technology decisions, but will be able to give you insight into newer trends and future directions that might affect how you do your business.

Working with 100% Helpdesk as a CIO consultant on a quarterly, monthly, or even annual basis can have a significant impact on how the business owner makes decisions.  You can add a professional, trusted advisor to your team to help you gain insight into areas that are outside your own personal expertise.

Just as an occasional legal consultation, or an annual accounting engagement is beneficial, so is a planning session with an IT professional.

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