Websites With Us

As a technology company, we know how websites work and how they are built. We should—we’ve been building, hosting, and managing websites for almost 20 years now.

We offer custom cloud based solutions and dedicated servers in our local facility.  Whether Canadian data residency is important to you or whether it is just an added bonus, 100% Helpdesk has its own servers located in Winnipeg, Canada.

We offer fully managed website and email hosting services for our customers.

Managed hosting means that we take care of any technical details that need to be handled. Software upgrades, patches, malware protection, WordPress upgrades, database backups, site construction, technical reviews, replatforming… you name it.

We have management plans for every need, so you don’t need technical expertise in order to be a website owner.

If you have an existing website that needs to be rebuilt in a more modern environment, or if you are a new business that just needs something to get you off the ground, we have suite-build services where we do everything for you, starting as low as $700.

Ask us About Your Website.