Choose Your Influences

Our social interactions are a constant exchange of influences.  Who influences you?  Do you choose who it will be, or do you just let it happen?

I have a list of 40 names of people who have positively influenced me.  The list contains names of people who have changed the way I think.  I continue to add to it as I realize the influence of more people from my past, and as I discover new people who influence me.

The Millennial Corporation

The generation of people who came of age in the new millennium, in the 21st century are often referred to as millennials.  This group of people were born in the 1990’s or later, and by the time they were 10 years old, everyone they knew was aware of and using the Internet.  Social media always existed, and texting goes as far back as they can remember.  This puts a different spin on the way they see the need for brick-and-mortar technology, and makes it easy for millennials to recognize the usefulness of a pocket sized computer, a.k.a. smartphone.

Seeing Holes

I was thinking about how we get things done.  And how sometimes we all let things remain undone.  It’s a result of what we see.  Not what our eyes see, but a result of what our brains see.


When we look at where we want to go, there’s always something between us and the goal.  Are you looking at the wall, or looking at the holes?