High Performance Demands Good Management.

100 Percent Helpdesk is a Winnipeg-based provider & manager of website services for businesses at any scale, from startup to enterprise.

We specialize in Managed WordPress Hosting, providing above-and-beyond website management and support as a perfectly integrated companion to our website hosting platform, which include VPS options as well as dedicated servers and high-availability configurations.

We provide hands-on management, and troubleshooting for our Site Care customers, with WordPress support and training for our clients on an as-needed basis.

We Manage Websites

Better management can improve

your website’s results.

Site Care ensures that a team of specialists is at your disposal to help you make decisions about technology including risk mitigation, IT planning, and daily operations.

Some examples of website technologies we manage include:

100% Helpdesk can reduce the complexity of the technology decisions necessary in managing your business: we manage your technology, so you can manage your business.


Get us working for you.

For more information about 100% Helpdesk and the unique value we offer, please contact our team so we can discuss solutions with you in detail.